With Digital Gold, you can securely save and make bills in gold

5 min readMay 14, 2021

Gold is a metal that has become a valuable commodity and is traded internationally. The excessive and growing price of gold has come to be an investment tool that continues to exist from year to 12 months. This precious metal has a protracted records, from its discovery to its excessive cost.

Precious metals such as gold have a high price, because of their rare, non-fading and corrosion resistance.

Since lots of years ago, gold has been synonymous with the value of wealth and strength. The decorations on the time of the Roman Empire additionally frequently confirmed the grandeur of a country at that point.

A short records of gold

Gold was first determined by using people in pristine situations in rivers and soils in ancient times. Gold is a treasured metallic that turned into first observed with the aid of humankind. The debate over when and where human beings first came into touch with gold continues to be ongoing amongst archaeologists.

In 1223 BC, the iconic Pharaoh’s tomb is manufactured from gold. And consistent with legend in 950 BC, the temple or Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem became constructed with gold as a production material.
Around 3000 BC, gold changed into best discovered as an change fee because of the discovery of gold cash at that point. Only then did gold come to be jewelry and have become a symbol of everlasting glory and splendor.

Along with the improvement of the instances, gold then became an asset and not most effective as jewellery. With the discovery of current discoveries in gold mining, this additionally makes gold a mining cloth that can be used as a country’s trade fee.

Gold today

Over time, gold has grow to be one of the most famous financial assets for investors. Even so, it seems that now not all traders are familiar with gold itself. As a end result, gold is often misunderstood for its function. Actually, what do human beings want to understand about gold and gold investing?

There are many forms of gold investment, and the maximum popular is bodily gold. Many human beings pick out gold as an funding due to the fact it’s far taken into consideration secure and profitable. The boom of gold belongings has a tendency to be stable from time to time, even the growth can exceed the inflation charge in a country.

Gold has grow to be an investment tool this is loved via diverse corporations due to its comfort and comparatively preserved fee. If within the past gold investment become restrained to physical possession, now gold investment can be done non-physically thru digital gold.

Safe Gold Investment Tips

Gold investment is simple, all people can run it, however that does not mean there may be no fundamental information that you want to apprehend. Don’t allow your intention of investing in gold to get profit ends up losing.

Then, how to make certain that gold investment does not lead to dangerous mistakes?

You would possibly strive the subsequent simple hints:

  • Determine the funding duration: Gold can be bought at any time without affecting its value, but ready a bit longer will make the price appreciably better than while you got it, of course, this ought to be based totally at the analysis with a view to supply maximum consequences
  • Investments in keeping with the budget owned: The first prohibition in investing, consisting of for gold precious metal items is forcing price range. Just regulate it with the capital you’ve got, so there aren’t any dependents
    Starting from now.

Gold funding can be commenced with minimal budget and processed on-line, specifically saving virtual gold, as implemented with the aid of Digital Gold. You can buy Gold tokens no matter value, in the marketplace that is available
Be cautious in deciding on virtual gold investment establishments.

Don’t allow you to lose cash due to the fact you carelessly entrust transactions to faux establishments. Make sure you do some in-intensity analysis earlier than joining.

Digital Gold, securely save and make bills in gold

You don’t need to be careworn about deciding on a relied on virtual gold keep. Digital Gold is the exceptional answer for virtual gold investment with assured security. You best want to prepare an ERC 20 pockets, without the need for KYC, you can buy, keep, withdraw and sell gold.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital GOLD is a undertaking designed to digitize the economic marketplace, mainly gold, that’s blockchain-based. By using the GOLD token, which become evolved on the ERC-20 network, users can revel in virtual gold funding offerings with physical gold protection.

1 GOLD token is really worth 1 gram of gold. GOLD token offers many solutions to clear up issues in gold funding nowadays by means of taking benefit of technological tendencies.


🔹 Protection from volatility and portfolio diversification
🔹 Investments in gold tokenized and simplified with the aid of GOLD
🔹 Reliable digital asset for convenient garage and secure transactions
🔹 Alternative to conventional FIAT-based stablecoins
🔹 Perfect digital present with golden cost
🔹 Protect your savings from inflation

Features & blessings:

🔸 A low-fee token that involves no switch expenses
🔸 The opportunity to diversify portfolios
🔸 Keep wealth in a safe haven
🔸 Secure gold possession
🔸 High liquidity Digital Gold
🔸 A private gold possession experience
🔸 Guaranteed long-term life expectancy of purchased GOLD token
🔸 Unlimited quantity of GOLD may be purchased/redeemed right away 24/7


🔹 Uniswap

Compatible Wallet:

🔸 My Ether Wallet (Web) https://www.myetherwallet.com
🔸 MetaMask (Browser Extension) https://metamask.io
🔸 Guarda (Mobile, Desktop) https://guarda.co
🔸 Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet) https://www.ledgerwallet.Com
🔸 Trezor (Hardware Wallet) https://trezor.io

Regardless of the price range you have, Digital Gold will make your dream of having gold as an investment object come actual. So, don’t hesitate anymore to begin allocating your price range accurately.

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Website: https://gold.storage/
Telegram: https://t.me/digitalgoldcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gold_erc20

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