Play Games and Earn money on DeHero Gaming platform

3 min readJul 23, 2021

Everywhere in the world, games are played by kids and adults and there are several options of games that can be played, be it at a casino, your mobile phone or your desktop, laptop devices.

The introduction of crypto currency is only to make it better.

If at one point or the other, you have desired to earn from playing games, and I am here to bring that to your notice easily!

To earn while gaming is why we are discussing DeHero GamingFi platform; a platform and an application that embraces decentralized Finance (DeFi) with GameFi (An avenue that lets you earn by playing games).

What is DeHero?

DeHero is a MixMarvel Production, a decentralized Gamingfi platform based on the binance smart chain. DeHero is a GameFi app that offers freedom to everyone that plays game either old or young the chance to do what they love doing best while simultaneously earning computerized resources that can be swapped to real money.

The resources that can be earned is the heroes tokens, NFT Card packs and more. With DeHero, you can gather as many NFT card packs and unpack them for money or other crypto currency tokens.

How does DeHero Gaming platform works?

DeHero has created a pricing mechanism that rewards gamers by assigning NFT as prices.

When each NFT card is minted, the corresponding quantity of Fungible tokens might be locked into the card. Therefore, NFT cards are basically distinct from different virtual collectibles NFTs and paintings NFTs.

In this way, those NFTs with are synced with DeFi on the DeHero platform; they might even end up the new top notch property of NFT-based totally loan lending, NFTEX, and different DeFi protocols. When NFT itself becomes a amazing asset and generates extra sales via the a couple of gameplay designed by DeHero, its liquidity is assured.

NFT can extend greater application eventualities, which includes increasing game plays like NFT card battles and establishing DAO network governance.

Playing Games on the DeHero Platform

In DeHero, players can randomly reap NFT playing cards of heroes by way of buying NFT blind container card packs, staking FT belongings, and offering liquidity. Each hero has six high-quality levels: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold — ranking low to high. The higher the rate, the better the fight capacity.

The card quantity, first-rate, combat capability, and the range of tokens contained decide the price of an NFT card. After acquiring NFT playing cards, players can: participate in card mining, formulate mining strategies in line with sport guidelines, enhance mining efficiency, and acquire greater game revenue.

Why NFT Cards, Why NFT?

By staking NFT cards that you get for playing games on DeHereos, you get to unbox NFT card packs, blind boxes, gather NFT roles, and do card mining with appropriate education techniques. As a result, customers achieve DeHero’s governance token HEROES. Users can change HEROES tokens in the trading market.

With the low gas charge on the Binance Smart Chain community; this will draw lots of players and bring about engagement with gamers. DeHero is growing smart and is a major player in the GameFi space.

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