Play Games and Earn money on DeHero Gaming platform

What is DeHero?

DeHero is a MixMarvel Production, a decentralized Gamingfi platform based on the binance smart chain. DeHero is a GameFi app that offers freedom to everyone that plays game either old or young the chance to do what they love doing best while simultaneously earning computerized resources that can be swapped to real money.

How does DeHero Gaming platform works?

DeHero has created a pricing mechanism that rewards gamers by assigning NFT as prices.

Playing Games on the DeHero Platform

In DeHero, players can randomly reap NFT playing cards of heroes by way of buying NFT blind container card packs, staking FT belongings, and offering liquidity. Each hero has six high-quality levels: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold — ranking low to high. The higher the rate, the better the fight capacity.

Why NFT Cards, Why NFT?

By staking NFT cards that you get for playing games on DeHereos, you get to unbox NFT card packs, blind boxes, gather NFT roles, and do card mining with appropriate education techniques. As a result, customers achieve DeHero’s governance token HEROES. Users can change HEROES tokens in the trading market.

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