How to get NFTs on DeHero GamingFi Platform?

After detailing an introduction about DeHero Platform, I felt it was necessary to hint at further details and prove more points.

What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Now how do you get NFTs on DeHero GamingFi Platform?

  • Buy Blind Box NFT Card Pack: DeHero GamingFi Platform Users should purchase blind box NFT card packs with distinctive fees (at one-of-a-kind charges, the best of the NFT cards received is exceptional, however at the identical time there is a sure random chance that higher pleasant NFT playing cards may be obtained).
  • BSC mainstream tokens which include BNB and BUSD on the DeHero GamingFi Platform: The consumer extracts the blind NFT box via pledge, and on the equal time a positive value of HEROES (DeHero governance token) has additionally been locked in the NFT card.
  • Buy without delay within the buying and selling market: In addition to the above listed methods to get NFTs on the DeHero GamingFi Platform, gamers can immediately buy preferred or needed NFT cards within the “Trading Market”.
  • NFT card mining: After each address logs in to the game, you will obtain a card book containing a card slot.

Collecting card mining is the act of calculating the ratio of the total combat electricity of NFT cards to the overall combat energy of the complete server, and the behavior of mining to get HEROES tokens. The ratio of the overall fight energy of the card e book to the full combat electricity of the complete server determines the mining efficiency of the participant.



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