ETNA Network: A Dynamic NFT Marketplace where customers can buy and promote valuable NFTs immediate

3 min readJul 27, 2021

Crypto currencies are gaining tons extra reputation faster than anticipated. The crypto industry has extensively grown and elevated. Decentralized finance, additionally known as DeFi, is a quick-growing area of the crypto currency enterprise.

Another element of Decentralized finance is NFT, gaining a great deal popularity from ultimate 12 months and having the capability to grow to infinity because the NFT’s giving freedom to an artist, gamers, celebrities, tattoo artists, photographers to sell their personal virtual gadgets as Non Fungible tokens also known as NFT’s.

The video gaming industry has been having problem with the non-presence of actual ownership on the subject of in-recreation sources. Blockchain innovation has empowered few video games platforms to provide real responsibility for recreation assets but the utilities for this new concept are still little and truly have an effect on the commercial enterprise.

ETNA Network will bring new thoughts and utilities to in-recreation assets leveraging blockchain improvements.

ETNA Network is a one-prevent keep for all matters DeFi, NFTs and gaming. User-targeted technology with a view to revolutionize the crypto space and resource inside the adoption. ETNA Network is building technology in DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. A short assessment of this technology is as follows:

Features of ETNA Network

  • A Digital Asset Lending and Borrowing Platform where now not simplest coins and tokens can be used as collateral, however also NFTs, virtual lands, and greater.

Holders of precious NFTs can now take a mortgage via the usage of such NFTs as collateral; this is indeed a sport-changer.

  • A Hybrid Liquidity Protocol DEX where customers could have get admission to hundreds of digital property.

An exchange in which the complexity that incorporates trading crypto currencies is a factor of the past. With a singular Broker-Buyer-Type (BBT) buying and selling mechanism, users with zero enjoy could be able to exchange effortlessly.

  • Gaming Technologies Gaming platform wherein conventional video games can be deployed and included with the blockchain.

Built for each sport developers and players. With recreation belongings minted into NFTs, community members can personal such game property and earn royalties which grow with sport popularity.

  • A Dynamic NFT Marketplace where customers can buy and promote valuable NFTs immediate.

You may buy and promote NFTs like you will do for tokens/coins on an change. ETNA is capable of attain this by an NFT price-lock-in mechanism, truly put; the fee of each NFT is equated to some amount of the underlying currency.

It is extra thrilling than it sounds as every NFT trade dynamic is modeled after a geometric fee-demand curve. With this holders are positive to enjoy rate appreciation and are assured ease of trading lower back.

  • A Cross-Chain mechanism that allows the transferability of assets across blockchains.

This is big as this may allow the attainment of the true universality of NFTs.

ETNA Token

ETNA is the local coins of the ENTA Network environment which is applied for distinctive Defi capacities like loaning, getting, NFT deal and buy, and for charges.

Token Detail

Token Name: ETNA Network

Ticker: ETNA

Full Supply: 100,000,000

Purchase on Pancake: https://trade.Pancakeswap.Finance/#/swap?OutputCurrency=0x51f35073ff7cf54c9e86b7042e59a8cc9709fc46

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