DogData; Solution to dog registration in the world.

  • Pedigree Chain: The Dogdata platform uses a time stamped blockchain technology for all dogs, and their ancestral on the public domain, while also ensuring that the dog owner or proprietors earn more as they update the dog profile with further details.
  • DogData Vault: This simply means that the Dogdata platform will keep records of dogs vaccination on the immutable blokchchain; collating dog records, and vaccination records helps to figure out which dog owner registers honestly because the AI on the platform will pick the pieces and summarize answers to anything missing or wrongly aligned.
  • Dog Sale Smart contract: The dogdata platform lets you sell your dog on the platform, or perhaps buy as well. With information from the pedigree chain, your dogs can also get a care treatment.
  • DNA Hunter: This involves mating of dogs with their breeds, just as humans do dna and blood test to denote their strong genes, this are done with dogs too, to ensure that a male with higher gene mates with a female with lower gene and vice versas; there are no limitations to high/high gene though. But the DNA hunting also helps with understand different dogs health defects before mating.
  • Dog Data Expert: The platforms gives an opportunity amongst registered dog owners on the platform to share their knowledge and experiences as regard dog care and welfare on the Dogdata Community.
  • Dogdata Marketplace: Here, there are discussions, suggestions about dogs by diverse dog owners, likewise, you can get product and services at low prices.
  • Etherbone Tokens: This are electronic forms of money on the dogdata that cannot be transferred, but for the core purposes of being used as coupons or discounts on the dogdata platform, the token will be used to pay for p2p services, community rewards for updating dog profiles, and so on.
  • Etherbone Coins (ETHBN): This is a transferable crypto currency that is existent on the dogdata platform; it is based on the erherum blockchain with an erc-20 smart contract and is tradable on various listed crypto currency exchanges. The token will be used as the currency to buy/sell dogs, products, exchange servces on the dogdata marketplace.



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