Digital Gold Token helps you with the diversification of your finances

4 min readFeb 1, 2021

Today we’ve the second one part and I will try to tell you in greater detail and try and observe the crucial benefits of the DIGITAL GOLD assignment.
The first feature that I appreciated is that the builders provide liquidity and you can constantly right away sell or buy the GOLD token.

And also depart it for garage. At the equal time, you do now not want to search for an area somewhere or, as an example, what to rent, it is definitely very simple and handy. To ensure maximum liquidity, the business enterprise will act as a prime market maker on exchanges round the arena.

This approach will allow you to buy and sell large GOLD volumes with assured low spreads and no slippage.

Now let’s communicate with you what issues DIGITAL GOLD solves, what it is for and why it’s miles well worth deciding on this unique undertaking.

Solution of problems

DIGITAL GOLD undertaking is a digital crypto asset sponsored through bodily gold. When issuing every token, the employer buys gold and sends it to a secure vault in Singapore.

GOLD is a reliable, handy and fast solution for a spread of duties: from funding and portfolio diversification to cozy transfers and gifts to loved ones. GOLD is a transparent economic instrument: the bodily gold held by using our business enterprise can be effortlessly in comparison in actual time with the number of tokens issued.

Volatility safety and diversification of your finances

You have to keep in mind that this token, the GOLD token, may be very specific from what you’ve got seen earlier than, due to the fact that GOLD is a solid digital asset that is not subject to volatility. GOLD is sponsored by using physical gold and is pegged to the market price of gold.

GOLD is the nice asset for portfolio diversification due to its transparency. Any participant can compare the quantity of issued GOLD tokens with the quantity of physical gold inside the vault. The GOLD token will become a secure haven for crypto traders in a volatile marketplace.


  • Do you apprehend how a lot the greenback is now losing value? It is surely now not worthwhile to shop it now! Now believe which you are using the DIGITAL GOLD undertaking and its GOLD token because the storage of budget!

For centuries, gold has been the excellent way to preserve savings and hedge against inflation. The US greenback can’t boast of such stability. This makes gold the ultimate solution for protective savings from inflation. GOLD tokens are the hyperlink between fiat and crypto currencies and bodily gold.


Can you ask me? Well, how exactly does DIGITAL GOLD vary from different initiatives? What is its benefit over others? Why have to we use it?
1 TOKEN = 1 GRAM OF GOLD 99.99

All GOLD tokens are subsidized with the aid of bodily gold deposited in a cozy vault. Gold audit takes vicinity in actual time and is available on line. Each GOLD token is issued on a smart agreement at the Ethereum community.

The number of tokens in circulation is usually equal to the amount of gold in garage in grams.

  • The issuing enterprise acts as a liquidity company, permitting big transactions in tokens to be made at the price closest to the market rate.

Participants can right away sell and purchase tokens on the legitimate internet site or on partner exchanges.

  • No transaction costs. Make as many bills as you want. GOLD tokens will become part of your lifestyles and enterprise.
  • The charges are lower than while setting gold in a bank — and while not having to solve the problems of bodily garage of treasured metals.
  • The quantity of gold inside the vault may be in comparison to the wide variety of tokens in movement in actual time. All transfers are irreversible: way to the decentralized structure, nobody can block or restriction your account.
  • All GOLD holders are guaranteed complete privacy. All different strategies of buying gold require the disclosure of personal statistics. For transactions in GOLD, you best want to provide the wallets cope with.


Well, now it’s worth moving directly to conclusions. In my opinion, if you want a reliable storage medium, in case you do not want to lose your cash, however on the opposite nonetheless earn.

At the identical time, so you experience at ease, handy and without any problems, then I advocate the usage of the DIGITAL GOLD mission. I suppose this is a good desire!

You can visit the following exchanges to buy or trade Gold:

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