Digital Gold Token helps you with the diversification of your finances

  • Do you apprehend how a lot the greenback is now losing value? It is surely now not worthwhile to shop it now! Now believe which you are using the DIGITAL GOLD undertaking and its GOLD token because the storage of budget!

For centuries, gold has been the excellent way to preserve savings and hedge against inflation. The US greenback can’t boast of such stability. This makes gold the ultimate solution for protective savings from inflation. GOLD tokens are the hyperlink between fiat and crypto currencies and bodily gold.


Can you ask me? Well, how exactly does DIGITAL GOLD vary from different initiatives? What is its benefit over others? Why have to we use it?
1 TOKEN = 1 GRAM OF GOLD 99.99

  • The issuing enterprise acts as a liquidity company, permitting big transactions in tokens to be made at the price closest to the market rate.
  • No transaction costs. Make as many bills as you want. GOLD tokens will become part of your lifestyles and enterprise.
  • The charges are lower than while setting gold in a bank — and while not having to solve the problems of bodily garage of treasured metals.
  • The quantity of gold inside the vault may be in comparison to the wide variety of tokens in movement in actual time. All transfers are irreversible: way to the decentralized structure, nobody can block or restriction your account.
  • All GOLD holders are guaranteed complete privacy. All different strategies of buying gold require the disclosure of personal statistics. For transactions in GOLD, you best want to provide the wallets cope with.

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