Digital Gold Stablecoin: A Blockchain-subsidized Gold Tokens

5 min readMar 1, 2021

In 2009 the crypto currency became first brought below the call Bitcoin by anonymous. Bitcoin brings numerous revolutionary capabilities, together with a decentralized system, p2p transactions, and others.

Within a few years, Bitcoin became known to the general public and its fee skyrocketed within the international market.

During this time, other crypto currencies began to appear, along with the popularity of bitcoins, as an example, along with Ethereum, Litecoin, and so forth., so far there are more than hundreds of crypto currencies in the marketplace.

Now crypto currency has all started to be used by humans to shop for goods or offerings at diverse international merchants and platforms. The crypto currency which become at the start best used for transactions has now been extensively applied on diverse systems and for numerous functions — for instance, GOLD tokens, this is a crypto currency this is well worth one gram of 99.99% FINE gold.

The Gold Standard For Your Crypto

Digital Gold is a platform that allows customers to buy GOLD tokens which can be worth gold. This is a blockchain-based task that allows humans to put money into gold however within the form of a contemporary and cozy crypto currency.

GOLD tokens issued with the aid of the Digital Gold platform are stable coins whose costs observe the cutting-edge gold rate, so users don’t must worry approximately the volatility of the crypto currency market.

Besides being an investment platform, Digital Gold is a blockchain-primarily based platform that offers immediately functions, low-cost transactions, safety from cyber-assaults, clever contracts, market transparency, aid for all ERC-20 wallets, and exchanges.

So that customers don’t have to worry approximately the competencies and scalability of the Digital Gold platform.

Securely Store and Make bills in Gold

For lots of years, gold has been used as a precious asset this is traded within the marketplace. It is an asset that has constantly been used to maintain wealth. Gold has always been a more potent asset than a forex, and the fee is pretty stable and continues to transport up, so gold may be very suitable to be a long-time period investment.

Even nations nowadays are starting to keep gold as their asset.

With the development of era, now bodily gold has started to trade and now humans may be offered in cryptocurrency. With GOLD Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens people can purchase, sell, switch, and invest gold freely, correctly, and fast.

People don’t need to hold their gold inside the safe or carry their gold round — simply with their ERC-20 Digital Ethereum Wallet, they can save their GOLD tokens thoroughly and easily of their digital wallet.

The GOLD token is the proper investment choice for users who need comfort and protection in investing in crypto currency and gold.

Blockchain-subsidized Gold Tokens

Blockchain is a progressive era these days. There have been many platforms that have implemented blockchain era to their systems. Blockchain permits the introduction of a secure and obvious atmosphere.

And GOLD token is a totally blockchain-sponsored crypto currency, which lets in the creation of reliable blockchain-primarily based gold offerings for customers. With blockchain, Digital Gold can attain the subsequent 2 things;

Allowing gold to reap customer attractiveness: Blockchain permits gold to be traded freely and as a fee mechanism.

Ensuring asset protection: As long because the blockchain digital safety exercise is applied, gold tokens can’t be hacked.

Platform Features

  • A low-cost token: Users are allowed to make GOLD token transactions freely without prices or any deductions, so long as it is under the account restriction.
  • Diversify portfolios: Different from different crypto currencies. GOLD token fee stays stable following the gold charge within the marketplace.
  • Safe haven: Users do not must fear approximately the security of their assets, due to the fact so long as their property are in digital wallets, it’s miles safe.
  • Secure gold possession: When customers buy GOLD tokens they’ll now not mess around with many stuff. Because each time a consumer buys GOLD tokens, bodily gold can be insured towards the well-known insurance organization Chubb Insurance, that is positioned in Singapore.
  • High liquidity Digital Gold: Digital Gold guarantees that the liquidity of GOLD tokens is high.
  • A non-public gold ownership: The GOLD token lets in for physical gold ownership whilst final private.

In Conclusion

Gold has been used for lots of years to keep wealth. The lifestyles expectancy of gold is expected to be longer than the life span of humans. The charge of gold from year to year remains strong, so gold may be very suitable to be used as a protracted-time period funding.

With Digital Gold humans can effortlessly buy, sell, switch, and invest in gold, but in a comfy crypto currency.

With the GOLD token supplied by using Digital Gold, it lets in people to be able to buy and keep gold extra without problems and correctly on a device with a view to make certain that every person’s asset stays nameless and guarded from excessive volatility and lack of fee.

It is a platform constructed especially for investors who want to put money into crypto currencies and gold adequately, speedy, and without hassle.

Digital Gold is a platform that lets in users to shop for GOLD tokens which can be worth gold

GOLD token is a fully blockchain-sponsored crypto currency.

Each GOLD Token is one hundred% backed by means of bodily gold saved in a at ease vault.

Amount of bodily gold stored may be validated at any time.

1 token = 1 gram of gold 99.99 purity

No expenses on transactions.

A 100% backed by way of bodily gold.

Own GOLD whilst closing private.

You can visit the following exchanges to buy or trade Gold:

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Uniswap Exchange

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